I am not scared

The “I Am Not Scared” project intends to identify the best European strategies to prevent and combat the bullying phenomenon and involve secondary and vocational school teachers, directors, pupils, parents and key policy makers in the field of education in a common reflection based on a bottom-up approach for a transnational sharing of the dynamics that can cause the emerging and consolidating of the bullying phenomenon and of the most effective strategies and behaviors to tackle it available at European level. The project is organized into 4 main activities:

  1. Collection of Information: selection, review and then publishing of brief details of books, articles, web sites etc. on school bullying at the project internet portal
  2. Case Studies: involvement of teachers, headmasters, pupils, parents, anti-bullying experts and key policy makers in the analysis of case studies relating to school bullying
  3. Transnational Discussion: involvement of teachers from the participating countries in a transnational discussion on the identified case studies to exchange ideas and opinions
  4. European Strategy to Combat School Bullying: use the information and opinions collected during the project to create a European Strategy for combating school bullying